Walking Shoes

It’s important that you consider the following points when choosing a walking shoe:

• your walking style
• your foot type
• the kind of walking you do.

Power and fitness walkers need extra cushioning and support, off-trail walkers need stability and traction and those busy on their feet all day need a shoe with cushioning and style. No matter what kind of walking you do, if you are in the correct pair of shoes, you’ll walk in comfort and have much less chance of injury.

Know Your Foot

Everyone walks differently, which means we all put pressure on different areas of our feet while we walk. Take a look at your old shoes and you may see a tell-tale pattern of where they wear out first. To compensate for the added pressure we put on different parts of our shoes, manufacturers have developed a variety of shoes to suit different foot types. Matching the shoe with your foot means added comfort, shoes that last longer and less chance of injury.

A Shoe Just for You

Understanding that there are different shoes and different feet is a start, but matching your feet to the correct shoes can be difficult. That’s where The Athlete’s Foot “Fit Technicians” come in; we are expertly trained in the art of fitting shoes. Using the exclusive Fitprint® system, we can assess your individual foot type, against your footwear requirements and recommend a range of shoes that will provide the comfort and support you need.

Important Features of Walking Shoes

1. Cushioning

Walking at a good pace can cause shock through your legs that is equal to double your body weight, so it’s important to have a good amount of cushioning in your shoe. Good walking shoes have “shock absorbing” material in the midsole and heel which is extremely effective in reducing the pressure passing through your feet and legs.

2. Innersole

Most walking shoes will come with a removable innersole, these add more cushioning to the shoes and can be easily replaced to give your walking shoes some added spring and extend the life of your shoes.

3. Support

Support is important to all walkers but especially if you enjoy bush or trail walking. Different brands use different support features. You will find that in a good pair of walking shoes your feet will sit right down inside the shoe for additional support. Also look out for a firm heel counter and additional eyelets to allow a variety of lacing options.

4. Materials

Walking shoes come in all kinds of styles and materials – leather, mesh and synthetics are just some of your options. What is best, really depends on your needs and the type of walking you like to do. Talk to your “Fit Technician” for advice on what suits your needs.