A B Paterson College

10 A B Paterson Dr, Arundel, QLD 4214
PH(07) 5594 7947


Arundel State School

Cnr Napper Road & Arundel Drive, Arundel QLD 4214
PH (07) 5561 4888


Assisi Catholic College

Cnr Napper Road & Arundel Drive, Arundel QLD 4214
PH (07) 5561 4888


Biggera Waters State School

Cnr Morala Avenue & Coombabah Road, Biggera Waters QLD 4216
PH (07) 5537 1033


Coomera Anglican College

99 Days Rd Coomera, QLD 4209
PH (07) 5585 9900


Coomera Springs State School

Old Coach Road Coomera Springs, QLD 4209
PH (07) 5519 5300


Emmanuel College (Carrara)

Birmingham Road Carrara, QLD 4211
PH (07) 5561 4000


Gaven State School

Universal Street, Gaven Heights QLD 4211
PH (07) 5573 7933


Helensvale State School

8 Lindfield Rd, Helensvale QLD 4212
PH (07) 5556 1333


Jubilee Primary School

34 Manra Way, Gaven QLD 4211
PH (07) 5502 8566


King's Christian College Pimpama

198 Pimpama - Jacobs Well Rd, Pimpama QLD 4209
PH (07) 5587 7660


Oxenford State School

90 Michigan Drive, Oxenford QLD 4210
PH (07) 5573 2305


Pacific Pines State School

Santa Isobela Bvd,Pacific Pines QLD 4211
PH (07) 5502 5333


Park Lake State School

1 Shoalhaven Avenue, Pacific Pines QLD 4211
PH (07) 5519 5200


Saint Stephen’s College

Reserve Road Coomera, QLD 4209
PH (07) 5573 8662


Tamborine Mountain College

80 Beacon Road North Tamborine, QLD 4272
PH (07) 5545 3644


Trinity Lutheran College


641 Ashmore Rd, Ashmore QLD 4214
PH (07) 5556 8200


251 Cotlew St, Ashmore QLD 4214
PH (07) 5556 8300

Netball Shoes

By clubtafhv | May 16, 2016

Netball is an intense, exciting sport that calls for every kind of movement imaginable. It is also a sport which is considered to be one of the most stressful on your legs and feet. Wearing the right shoes can reduce the chances of injury and strain while enhancing your performance and comfort. With such a…

Children’s Shoes

By clubtafhv | May 16, 2016

When your child’s day to day life involves tearing around the playground, jumping, kicking and running, it’s important that their shoes provide as much support and cushioning as yours. Children’s bodies grow at a tremendous rate and the correct shoes can ensure proper bone and muscle development, and help prevent long term foot and leg…

Walking Shoes

By clubtafhv | May 16, 2016

It’s important that you consider the following points when choosing a walking shoe: • your walking style• your foot type• the kind of walking you do. Power and fitness walkers need extra cushioning and support, off-trail walkers need stability and traction and those busy on their feet all day need a shoe with cushioning and…

Cross Training Shoes

By clubtafhv | May 16, 2016

When working out at the gym or under taking a variety of different activities you are doing what is called cross training. Cross trainers are an all purpose shoe designed to boost your comfort and performance whether on a treadmill, in an aerobics class or playing a game of tennis. Shoe Shape v Foot Shape Everyone…

Is your child being held back by Heel Pain?

By clubtafhv | May 16, 2016

At The Athlete’s Foot, we believe prevention is better than cure. Caring for the correct shoe fit for children’s feet to avoid the on-set of Severs, is our goal.. What is Severs?   Severs Heel, also called Calcaneal Apophysitis isa severe heel pain that occurs in children when the growing part of the heel is injured –…

Football Boots

By clubtafhv | May 16, 2016

No matter what code of football you play, you can improve your performance and comfort by wearing boots that fi t correctly. No two players move the same, which means we can put pressure on different parts of our feet when we play. That’s where The Athlete’s Foot “Fit Technicians” come in. We are expertly…

Running Shoes

By clubtafhv | May 16, 2016

Not all running shoes are alike. There are a vast range of different technologies and features to choose from. Equally, there are many different foot types and running gaits. Nobody is better qualified to match your foot type to the correct running shoe than The Athlete’s Foot “Fit Technicians”. We are expertly trained in the science…

Feet Problem

By clubtafhv | May 16, 2016

Most of us are likely to walk the equivalent of three times around the world in our lifetime. This makes our feet one of the hardest working parts of our bodies. Staff at The Athlete’s Foot appreciate the toll put on your feet and strive to treat them to the comfort and support they deserve. Correct…

Athletes Foot Fitting Service

By clubtafhv | May 16, 2016

What foot type are you? Rolling In Around 50% of people have flat feet which tend to roll inwards. This can increase strain on ankles, knees and hips. NEUTRAL Around 30% of people have neutral feet which still benefit from proper cushioning and support. ROLLING OUT Around 20% of people have high arches and feet…