Netball Shoes

Netball is an intense, exciting sport that calls for every kind of movement imaginable. It is also a sport which is considered to be one of the most stressful on your legs and feet. Wearing the right shoes can reduce the chances of injury and strain while enhancing your performance and comfort. With such a variety of shoes on offer, choosing the right ones can be quite a daunting process but we’re here to help.

Everyone is Different

Everyone has a different style in the way they play, which means we all put pressure on different areas of our feet. Take a look at your old shoes and you may see a tell-tale pattern of where they wear out fi rst. To compensate for the added pressure we put on different parts of our shoes, manufacturers have developed a variety of shoes to suit different foot types. Matching the shoe with your foot means added comfort, shoes that last longer and less chance of injury.

Which Shoe for You?

Understanding that there are different shoes and different feet is a start, but matching your feet to the correct shoes can be diffi cult. That’s where The Athlete’s Foot “Fit Technicians” come in; we are expertly trained in the art of fitting shoes. Using the exclusive Fitprint® system, we can assess your individual foot type, against your footwear requirements and recommend a range of shoes that will provide the comfort and support you need.

Important Features of Netball Shoes

1. Cushioning

When stopping suddenly to shoot or pass during play, the force applied to your feet and legs can exceed your body weight by up to 6 times. No matter what your size, that’s a lot a stress – so cushioning is one of the most critical features of a netball shoe.

2. Added cushioning

With so much pressure on your feet, adding an innersole can help to provide you with extra support and cushioning. To get the best combination, innersoles should be fitted at the same time as your shoes.

3. Stability

With so many stopping, starting and jarring actions, stability is critical in a good netball shoe. Look for a shoe which allows your foot to sit down inside the shoe and has a firm heel counter. There are also a number of lacing techniques which will help to customise the fit for added stability.

4. Traction

Netball can be played on a variety of different surfaces, a good outersole will allow you to pivot easier, provide grip and will ensure the shoe lasts longer. Different outer soles are better for different surfaces, so ask your “Fit Technician” for advice.